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WorkDay Media works with event partners to boost event success and provide insights to our subscribers.

WorkDay Media works with event partners to bring the best banking and finance industry events to the attention of our subscribers. We welcome discussion with event organisers on ways to present new opportunities to these subscribers.

Banking Day, our primary publication, is a subscription-based online service. It delivers the key banking and finance industry news and insight to the email inboxes of more than 2300 hard-to-reach banking and finance decision-makers, each morning at 7am.

Our Banking Day newsletter and website can drive awareness of and interest in your event.

Banking Day event advertising

Our standard event advertising offering gives event organisers:

  • Exposure in the Banking Day newsletter via newsletter ads – promotional items composed of up to 150 words of text description and an image up to 310 pixels wide, with links to the event website, delivered direct to Banking Day’s hard-to-reach audience.
  • "Featured event" status on the Banking Day website, with 150-word event description. Banking Day's event listings are a high-profile source of banking and finance event information (search for "banking and finance events" in Google).

Wherever possible, event partners should provide a link which is a unique URL with visits recorded for later analysis.

Pricing for event advertising

Prices are discounts to our standard advertising rates.

  • Single ad: $390
  • Two-ad package: $590.
  • Five-ad package: $990.
  • One-month run (minimum twenty-two editions): $2420

For more information

Please contact WorkDay Media marketing:

WorkDay Media marketing
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And to find out more about the Banking Day product, you can sign up for a free trial at

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